Privacy Policy

Intel public policy: How Intel promotes innovation worldwide

The goal of Intel's data privacy policy approach is to enrich trust in technology through the responsible access and use of data to add value to society and consumers' lives. To accomplish this goal, Intel encourages governments to focus on harmonized approaches to privacy protection that will continue to foster information technology innovation and economic growth.

Data Sovereignty: What Data Is Needed And How Will It Impact Technology?

The unprecedented COVID-19 global health crisis, growing international trade tensions and rising national aspirations to technological autonomy have contributed to make data sovereignty a significant and urgent policy issue to address worldwide in the years to come.

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Intel recognizes that the success of innovation depends upon individuals' trust in the technologies they use, particularly with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous driving.

Intel believes that robust privacy protection is a key component of consumer awareness and trust and works with governments worldwide to engage in meaningful discussion about approaches to data privacy legislation.


Ideas and perspectives promoting a thriving innovation economy from Intel’s public policy team.