Intel® Tofino™

P4-programmable Ethernet switch ASIC that delivers better performance at lower power.

Intel® Tofino™

The Intel® Tofino™ series of P4-programmable Ethernet switch ASICs deliver more flexibility for data centers. Monitor and control packet processing and update protocols in software to deliver customized performance for specific workloads at scale.

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Unique Capabilities Go Beyond Fixed-Function Ethernet Switch ASICs

Protocol-Independent Switch Architecture (PISA)

Forwarding logic isn’t baked into the silicon. Adjust protocols in software and then compile to the switch.

High Bandwidth up to 100GbE Speeds

Multiple configurations allow for choosing the right-fit solution while benefiting from P4 programmability.

Broad and Precise Visibility at the Granular Level

Telemetry features give unprecedented access to monitor and track each packet in the pipeline.

Internal Table Memory

Generate packet lookup tables at a vast scale, without the need for external lookup functions.

Data-Plane Programmability

Code middlebox functions in the P4 logic plane, in addition to regular switching and routing.

Metadata Export Features

Use P4 programmability to export Ethernet switch metadata to orchestration platforms for finer control.

More Control and Visibility in Your Network

Update the forwarding logic in your Ethernet switch to suit your infrastructure needs. Need to change protocols or unsure of which protocols you’ll need in the future? Bypass the need to update the Ethernet switch chip and update the software instead. And Intel® Tofino™ provides better power efficiency than fixed-function Ethernet switch ASICs, so you don’t have to sacrifice network performance.

Optimize Your Network

  • Run stateful ops in the forwarding plane
  • Free up the CPU to perform other tasks
  • Perform regular or middlebox functions

Deploy Updates with Ease

  • Program new protocols in software
  • Compile updates on the Ethernet switch
  • The process is akin to a software upgrade

Unlock Rich Visibility

  • Debug and fix problems fast
  • Generate vast packet-lookup tables
  • Export metadata in band and out of band

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