MAX® V CPLDs offer a unique, non-volatile architecture, delivering low power and on-chip features, suitable for Intel Edge-Centric applications.

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MAX® V devices are ideal for general-purpose and power-and space-constrained designs in many market segments.

Design Tools

Here are some resources to help you get started designing with MAX® V CPLD devices.


Check out our training classes available, online or instructor-led.

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Download Cables

Learn the details about the download cable options for programming MAX® V CPLDs.

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MAX® V PowerPlay Early Power Estimator

Estimate power consumption for your MAX® V CPLD design.

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Learn to Use Intel® Quartus® Prime Software

Are you new to programmable logic? New to the Intel® Quartus® Prime Software? Watch these self-paced, online demonstrations to learn how to become a programmable logic designer in about one hour.

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IP Website

Select off-the-shelf IP core functions from us and our partners. IP cores are optimized for our devices, reducing design and test time, and can be evaluated in hardware and simulation prior to licensing.

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Featuring a unique, non-volatile architecture, MAX® V devices provide robust new features at up to 50% lower total power compared to competitive CPLDs.

Product Name
Launch Date
Logic Elements (LE)
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Blocks
Maximum Embedded Memory
Package Options
MAX® V 5M1270Z CPLD Launched 2010 1270 F256, F324, T144
MAX® V 5M80Z CPLD Launched 2010 80 M64, M68, E64, T100
MAX® V 5M160Z CPLD Launched 2010 160 M68, M100, E64, T100
MAX® V 5M240Z CPLD Launched 2010 240 M68, M100, T100, T144
MAX® V 5M2210Z CPLD Launched 2010 2210 F256, F324
MAX® V 5M570Z CPLD Launched 2010 570 M100, T100, F256, T144
MAX® V 5M40Z CPLD Launched 2010 40 M64, E64