Intel®-based Smartphones

 A smartphone with an Intel® processor enables a range of features from smooth streaming, and sharp visuals, to HD camera and video, high-demand apps and effortless web-browsing. Plus Intel Atom® processors are power-optimized for extended smartphone battery life to keep even the most demanding users connected.


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ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML-6J437WW Dual SIM 4G 32GB Grey smartphone

  • Intel® Atom™ Processor
  • 14 cm (5.5") Screen Size
  • 4 GB Memory
  • Yes Network Access Module
  • Android Operating System
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ASUS Zenfone 5

  • Intel® Atom™ Processor
  • 12.7 cm (5") Screen Size
  • 2 GB Memory
  • No Network Access Module
  • Android Operating System
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Features and Benefits

With a range of features and functionality available, smartphones with Intel Atom® processors prepare you for anything. Whether you're looking for basic phone capabilities or advanced performance, there's an Intel®-powered mobile device for you.

Now your phone keeps up with you. With an Intel® processor, you'll enjoy easy web browsing, super-responsive apps, and effortless multitasking. It has never been easier to do what you love on the go.

Record images and video in vibrant clarity with an Intel® HD camera. Snap as many photos as you need to get the best one-even in challenging environments.

Create, share, and watch video in brilliant HD. With beautiful visuals and super-smooth playback, it’s like having a personal theater in the palm of your hand.

With Intel®-powered smartphones, you get more battery life to talk, listen, watch, and play. Our power-optimized Intel Atom® processor keeps up with even the most demanding users.

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The powerful Intel Atom® processor in your sleek new phone or alphabet puts flexibility and connectivity at your fingertips.

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Intel® mobile modem solutions deliver the speed and agility to keep you intelligently connected, across town and around the world.

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