Introducing the Intel® Evo™ Platform Brand

Intel launched its Intel® Evo™ platform brand representing laptops that are verified for exceptional experiences with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and second edition Project Athena, now easily recognizable with a badge.



There is something big and different that's about to happen.

Towards the beginning of a great journey.

As the processor evolves, it deserves a new brand. Evo represents our future.

It is a social device, the laptop. It connects people, and that story is only going to continue.

It's a brand verified by Intel to deliver experiences essential for focus.

And that means you're looking at the display, you're looking at cooling technologies, so you can put more performance in thinner design.

It has to be always ready. It has to start up right away. It has to always be connected. Open the lid, and they're into their work.

Performance, visual experience, we demand them all. We can not compromise.

All-day battery life. You can take your machine with you and not have to carry your charger.

Intel Evo is a device that can keep up with me.

Designed to respond to what happens in the world.

And to help people focus on the things that matter most to them.

Evo is about the experience. You will say, wow.