Paving the Way for the Next Chapter of the PC: How Microsoft and Intel are Innovating Together

Better Together: Microsoft and Intel's Partnership

  • Powering purposeful PC experiences for people, hinges on strategic partnerships, like the one between Intel and Microsoft.

  • Gregory Bryant and Panos Panay discuss why the PC is more essential than ever, how the two companies work together on breakthrough technologies and hold shared leadership philosophies that drive innovation.



Microsoft’s Panos Panay says “it takes an entire industry” to bring major advancements like Windows 11 to the world. Groundbreaking technologies like these only come to life because of the many people—across companies and the ecosystem—all relentlessly working toward the same goal.

Intel’s Gregory Bryant, EVP, General Manager, Client Computing Group, and Panos Panay, EVP, Chief Product Officer at Microsoft recently met to discuss the evolving role of the PC in today’s world. Panos and Gregory reflected on the two companies’ long-standing partnership, some recent joint accomplishments, and how they’ll continue working together to drive meaningful innovation in the future.

It’s a great time to be in technology…The work we get to do together makes a material difference in how people work, learn, live, play.”

Gregory Bryant

Gregory and Panos agree: The PC is more essential and purposeful than ever. Breakthrough technologies like Windows 11 and the new Intel-powered Microsoft Surface line-up will empower people around the globe, delivering on everyday needs like better performance and longer battery life. Hear Panos and GB discuss the collaboration that made these advances possible.

"We’re designing end to end products for ubiquitous computing… that fundamental wrapper is tied to what people are asking for, what they need.”

Panos Panay

Both Microsoft and Intel put people at the center of their vision for the PC. This is how we’re innovating for the future, together. Hear more about their leadership philosophies below.

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