Building PCs That Help People Focus and Achieve More

Project Athena1 is Intel’s innovation program designed to deliver groundbreaking laptop design and experiences. Learn more about Project Athena and its testing and verification process.


Innovation for people, that's what drives Project Athena, Intel's innovation program to deliver groundbreaking laptop design and experiences. Its goal-- build PCs that help people focus and achieve more and find every way to make better laptops. To start, we're ensuring laptops deliver on three foundational experiences. First, laptops will instantly wake from sleep in less than a second. Second, docked, plugged in, or on the move, these devices will dependably deliver remarkable responsiveness.

Third, battery life designed to last. Laptops will provide nine hours of life even under intense use by the highest achievers. Think lots of toggling between mobile apps and tabs, quick multitasking, and deeply focused work. And for longer days, the fast charging feature will add up to four hours of power in under 30 minutes.

How do we get there? Optimization across the PC platform, co-engineering with our partners, and curated laptop components that will be fine-tuned, optimized, and tested, a new kind of testing for a new way of laptop design. We created an assessment tool, one that simulates how people truly use their laptops rather than lab tests that aren't representative of the real world. Every design will be experience verified.

Project Athena is about delivering the PC experiences people need to get things done powerfully and quickly. It's about continually raising the bar so that, together with our partners, we deliver laptops that help people achieve more.

Product and Performance Information

1Project Athena is a code name for Intel’s Innovation Program.