Sneak Peek at Thunderbolt™ 4 Technology

Get a sneak peek at Thunderbolt™ 4 technology, Intel’s latest version of Thunderbolt™ technology, which provides a 40 Gb/s connection and new features including integration with the next generation of Intel® mobile processors code named Tiger Lake.


Hi, everyone. My was Lyle working with Intel, and I'm here inside of one of Intel's Thunderbolt labs where I'm excited to give you a sneak peek into the next version of Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt 4. Thunderbolt 4 provides a 40 gigabit a second connection and is redefining the modern workspace with new features. And starting with Tiger Lake, Thunderbolt 4 will be integrated into Intel's next generation of mobile processors. I just happen to have a Tiger Lake system here.

But first, let me show you a new Thunderbolt 4 modern dock design never shown before. This compact dock is a game changer for simplicity and performance. A single 40 gigabit a second connection to my PC, USB port for wireless mouse and keyboard, and for the first time, three Thunderbolt 4 downstream ports offering amazing flexibility for connecting your favorite accessories with a new multiport architecture. And want more ports? Well, I just happen to have a full-size modern dock with more traditional ports with that same sleek design and that same multiport architecture.

So let's see what a modern PC workspace looks like with Thunderbolt 4. Notice the small physical footprint with less cable clutter, and also, no laptop chargers needed because Thunderbolt 4 requires thin laptops to support charging from a Thunderbolt dock. Here, I have my wireless keyboard and mouse and Thunderbolt 4 supporting system weight to bring my laptop out of sleep mode.

Next, connecting a standard 4k monitor with small USB-C connectors couldn't be easier. Look how thin and clean these cables are compared to your traditional HDMI and display port cables. And with the new multiport architecture along with Thunderbolt 4 scalable performance, I can easily add a second 4k monitor. In this case, a Thunderbolt 4k HDR monitor connected with the first ever 2-meter Thunderbolt 4 universal cable.

And I know my connection's going to be reliable because Thunderbolt products have to be certified. Giving me the confidence I need when purchasing new devices. But wait, I have one more Thunderbolt 4 downstream port to use for another device.

So here, I have a Thunderbolt SSD with read speeds that hit up to 3,000 megabytes a second, and check this out. I can transfer about an hour's worth of video in about 10 seconds, all while being connected to two 4k monitors all over a single cable.

So there is much to like about Thunderbolt 4. Whether you're an everyday user looking for setup simplicity or a gamer or creator looking for the most performance or the cleanest desktop. I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek at what's coming later this year with Thunderbolt 4.