Intel Mobile Communications Mobile Software

As a fully owned subsidiary of Intel, Intel Comneon GmbH also provides software for Intel's mobile phone platforms. Intel Comneon GmbH's R&D resources and sales representatives are based in locations in Europe, the United States, and Asia. They team up to develop superior 2G, 3G, and LTE protocol stack software, using state-of-the-art development and configuration management tools.

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Device Framework

Our IMS offers a feature-rich range of services and applications:

  • Rich Communication Suite (RCS)
  • Video, image, and file sharing
  • Presence, group, and list management
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE)
  • Voice over IP with supplementary services
  • HD video conferencing
  • IMS emergency call
  • SMS over IP
  • Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC)
  • High-performance push-to-talk
  • Voice call continuity
  • IMS over satellite

Superior IOT Performance Against IMS Network Equipment from All Major Vendors:

  • Fully compliant with the requirements of the leading operators
  • Working on a broad range of platforms like Android*, iOS*, Windows* Mobile, Windows, Linux*, MeeGo*, BREW*, and a number of other specialized operating systems
  • Includes a complete Revision Control System (RCS) user interface
  • Modular and scalable, providing fully customizable IMS deployment on smartphones, datacards, tablets, PCs, set-top boxes, Machine to Machine (M2M), and automotive applications
  • Delivered with a comprehensive toolkit, test client, and corresponding test server software capable of running on a PC

IMS, for Now and the Future

Today, our IMS device framework enables the launch of the first all-IP satellite phones.

A large group of operators has given its commitment to deploy an IMS network for services like VoLTE and RCS over the next few years.

Our IMS device framework is used as reference by several major network operators for testing interoperability of their IMS networks.

The IMS device framework enables devices to bring new innovative services to the end user.