Intel® Tofino™ 2

Second-generation P4-programmable Ethernet switch ASIC that continues to deliver programmability without compromise

Intel® Tofino™ 2 delivers up to 12.8 Tb/s throughput built on 7nm technology. Support up to 400GbE port speed for hyperscale, cloud, and service provider environments with the second generation of P4-programmable Ethernet switch ASICs.

More Flexibility to Optimize Performance

Scale performance even further with a higher-bandwidth ceiling and higher-speed SerDes lanes than the previous-generation programmable network switch ASIC. The Intel® Tofino™ 2 architecture also provides more packet processing resources to handle the most-demanding workloads in distributed applications, virtual machine scaling, artificial intelligence, and serverless deployments.

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Product and Performance Information

1MAC port count of 40G requires a gearbox.

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