The future is being shaped with Intel® FPGA and solutions.

5G Connectivity

The number of wireless devices is set to explode and a diverse set of connectivity types will be needed for a significantly larger amount of diverse applications. See how Intel® FPGAs help meet the challenges of 5G connectivity.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seeing an explosion of growth and applications. The flood of data that is generated and collected every day and the computations required to allow smarter algorithms to sift through that data more cost effectively drive AI development. Learn how to leverage the power of Intel FPGAs in AI applications.

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Data Center

As workloads and traffic pattern shift in the data center, Intel FPGAs can anticipate needs and bring optimized hardware acceleration to bear on the critical points. Read on to see how Intel FPGAs can burst the bottlenecks in the applications most vital to you.

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Intelligent Vision and Video

Intel FPGAs, SoCs, intellectual property (IP) cores, development platforms, and a software-centric design flow provide a rapid development path with the flexibility to adapt to evolving challenges and solutions in each part of the video or vision pipeline for a wide range of video and intelligent vision applications.

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Internet of Things

From intelligent buildings and connected cars to smart power grids and city infrastructure, Intel® FPGAs democratize Internet of Things (IoT) innovation. Our solutions enable anyone to develop any application, scaling from single prototype units to hundreds of thousands of units in production.

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Intel FPGAs provide a variety of security capabilities to secure your reconfigurable logic designs, system, and data. These capabilities include secure fuse-based and battery-backed root keys, encrypted design bitstream, and other key protection, data erasure, and glitch-protection features.

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