Intel® Select Solutions for Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN)

The Intel® Select Solutions for vRAN offer operators a streamlined path to deployment, with validated stacks of hardware and software built in conjunction with other industry leaders for flexible performance and rock-solid security. The solution offers three operating environments to choose from: Red Hat, Wind River, or VMware.

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Intel® Select Solutions for vRAN Base and Plus Hardware Configurations

Ingredient Intel® Select Solutions for vRAN Base Configuration Hardware Intel® Select Solutions for vRAN Plus Configuration Hardware

3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Gold 5318N processor

(one socket, 20 cores) or higher SKUs

3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Gold 6338N processor

(one socket, 32 cores) or higher SKUs

Memory 128 GB (16 GB DIMM/Channel recommended)
Intel® Ethernet Controller: 1x E810-CAM2 or CAM1 based NIC for 100Gb/s throughput: e.g., 1x E810-XXVDA4 or 1x E810-CQDA2 2x E810-CAM2 or CAM1 based NIC for 200Gb/s throughput: e.g., 2x E810-XXVDA4 or 1x E810-2CQDA2
Acceleration 1x Intel® vRAN Dedicated Accelerator ACC100 Intel QAT (optional)
Storage (SSD/NVMe) At least 2x 480 GB for boot (Intel® SSD, Intel® Optane™ SSD, or M.2 equivalent)