Intel® FPGA University Program

Welcome to the Intel® FPGA University Program. We provide:

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Getting Started

Professors and course instructors can register as members of our University Program to:

  • Request donations of boards and software/IP licenses
  • Purchase hardware at reduced prices
  • Obtain complete solutions for our laboratory excercises
  • Access Intel® FPGA training courses and workshops

Enroll your students into one of our design contests.

Also, check our conference schedule and come see us in person.

Course Material

We provide teaching material specifically designed by professors for courses covering digital Logic, computer organization and embedded systems.

Material Digital Logic Computer Organization Embedded Systems
Tutorials Yes Yes Yes
Laboratory Exercises Yes Yes Yes
IP Cores   Yes Yes
Computer Systems   Yes Yes
Software Yes Yes Yes
Embedded Linux Operating System     Yes

Required Tools

The table below lists the required tools for our course material.

Software Digital Logic Computer Organization Embedded Systems
Quartus Yes Yes Optional
ModelSim*-Intel simulation software Optional Optional Optional
Intel FPGA Monitor Program   Yes Optional
Embedded Linux Operating System     Yes

Getting Started

Students can get started with the FPGA University Program by:

Getting Started

You can get started with our University Program by: