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When items are easier to locate, they’re easier to sell.

As online shopping continues to grow popular and capture sales, brick-and-mortar stores need to offer something more. Not just a different experience. A superior one.

No digital channel can beat the sensory-rich experience that only a physical store can provide. But when the item a customer wants isn’t immediately available on the shelf (or quickly produced by a store associate from a back room) the experience begins to suffer.

Meanwhile, inventory distortion—in the form of overstock, stock-outs, and shrinkage—represents a nearly $1.1 trillion problem for retailers worldwide.1 Inventory shrinkage alone is a $42 billion issue for retailers in the United States, a number that represents nearly 1.5 percent of total retail sales.2

Achieving Near-Real-Time Inventory Visibility

By adding RFID tags to inventory and integrating them with retail systems and applications, individual items can be tracked throughout the store. The resulting data can provide insights that help retailers manage day-to-day operations—think alerts for reshelving misplaced items—or make better decisions at a higher level, such as merchandising, shelf compliance, and labor management.

The Intel® Retail Sensor Platform is a simple, affordable way for retailers to gather actionable, near-real-time intelligence about inventory.

The Connected Store

Inventory tracking is just one way the Internet of Things (IoT) can improve store operations. By connecting thermostats, door switches, and other systems to your IoT platform, you can automate operations, saving time for employees and potentially reducing operating costs.

Bring the Edge of Digital Insight to Brick and Mortar

Sensor technology is a simple, affordable way for retailers to gather actionable, near-real-time intelligence about inventory. The Intel® Retail Sensor Platform tracks items through RFID tags, preserving customer privacy, while keeping sales staff informed on inventory, stocking, customer traffic, and local demand. RFID data can also be combined with other data, such as video, and quickly analyzed to provide a cohesive portrait of store activity and customer preferences.

Intel Retail Sensor Platform components are easy to manage and integrate with existing store systems. The platform also keeps data secure. With options to install as an OpEx model, retailers can affordably deploy the Intel Retail Sensor Platform without large capital investments.

In addition, Intel can power the connected store with a variety of other solutions, such as Intel® architecture-based workstations, servers, sensors, and IoT gateways.

Revolutionize Inventory Management

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Transform Inventory with Sensors

Get more value from inventory data. The Intel® Retail Sensor Platform offers an affordable, simple, effective solution for brick-and-mortar retailers.

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Product and Performance Information

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