The Retailers' Guide: Infrastructure

Take advantage of the latest technologies that boost productivity while reducing operating expenses (OpEx).

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Reduce Operational Costs

Device Management: For those brick-and-mortar retailers looking to create a multichannel shopping experience, the major challenge is supporting a wide range of devices, including POS terminals, self-service stations, digital signage, smart phones, tablets, etc.

Reduce the cost and complexity of supporting these devices with Intel’s device management solution that enables retailers to manage devices across multiple stores, countries, and geographies from a centralized location (e.g., headquarters).

Shelf Compliance: Planograms and promotional display models show where products should be placed for maximum sales; however, verifying that products on shelves match planograms is a very time-consuming process, and thus, is not performed frequently.

Taking humans out of the process, automated shelf compliance solutions use the latest digital image recognition technology to ensure product placement on store shelves complies with planogram models. At the same time, retailers can increase revenue by reducing lost sales due to out-of-stock items.

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Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA): For most businesses, success depends upon knowing customers and providing what they want. Intel® Audience Impression Metric Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) adds powerful data collection and audience measurement tools to a digital signage network.

With valuable metrics that were previously unavailable, retailers and product manufacturers can measure advertising effectiveness through a better understanding of audience characteristics such as actual impressions, length of impressions, potential audience size, and customer demographic data (e.g., age-range and gender).

Retailer Benefits:

  • Simplify device management
  • Diagnose and repair devices remotely
  • Reduce the effort to perform shelf compliance
  • Measure advertising effectiveness

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Big data analytics now makes it easier to track customers’ responses to media campaigns and promotions, giving insight into how to better target their media spend, create more profitable promotions, and personalize their digital marketing efforts for the consumer.

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Intel® architecture-based solutions feature fundamental capabilities delivered by components that address connectivity, manageability, and security, including software and middleware from Wind River and McAfee.

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