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Fast-changing markets. More agile and unexpected competitors. Customers who are more informed and technically savvy. From retailers to restaurants, hospitals to hotels, it’s a new environment for every business today.

That’s why smart businesses are investing in a new generation of intelligent systems—point of sale, digital signage, content management, storage, transaction security, and more—designed to make them smarter, more connected, and more customer-focused.

Why Intel?

Intel®-based platforms for today’s new intelligent systems deliver immediate benefits to you and your customers.

  • The performance, reliability, and investment protection that comes from more than 30 years of Intel® architecture
  • New levels of interactivity, graphics, and networking through the power of Intel® multiprocessor, multicore platforms
  • Reliability and uptime through Intel® remote diagnosis and maintenance capabilities
  • Protection against malware and cyber attacks through innovative solutions from McAfee, the global leader in enterprise security

Intel® Technology Provider

Intel has built up a wealth of information and a vast network of solution providers for the Internet of Things. In addition, IoT partners can receive special benefits by participating actively in resources available through Intel® Technology Provider. Leverage these specialty benefits made available for retail solution providers with capabilities in fixed/mobile point-of-sale, digital signage, content management and more.

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Retail Technology: Today and Tomorrow

Engage with consumers, measure ROI, and gain a competitive advantage with the latest Intel®-based technology.

Your Best Retail Is Built on Intel

Intel® solutions help retailers work smarter and make finding and purchasing products easier for customers, while keeping data and devices safe. See how Intel can help retailers create seamless experiences customers will love.

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