Catch and Keep Customers with Empowered Sales Associates

Sales Assist Solutions empower associates with the tools they need to lift conversions and increase basket size.

Keep up with the shifting retail landscape using tools that:

  • Empower associates to engage and add value to well-informed, mobile-first customer experience.

  • Allow brick-and-mortar to intersect with a customer’s journey, providing in-store answers and options.

  • Offer personalized customer experiences at an associate’s fingertips with Sales Assist.

  • Integrate with other technology to provide up-to-date inventory and availability for customers.


Discover retail solutions that empower associates to provide powerful personalized product recommendations, track inventory availability, and capture sales transactions when and where the customer is ready.

Mobile technology is a customer’s best friend and, with the help of e-commerce, has become one of the most disruptive forces in brick-and-mortar retail. However, customers still do most of their shopping in-store. What is changed? Their expectations.

Between 65 and 70% of customers do their research online before coming into the store, meaning they are better informed about their purchase decisions and might be farther along in the customer journey. Equipping sales associates with Sales Assist solutions helps them provide personalized recommendations, assistance, and support no matter on the floor the sale might take place.

Customers often arrive in-store with more product knowledge than sales associates. This can lead to frustration and confusion for both parties. With Sales Assist tools, associates can engage the customer on their journey rather than risk interfering with it. With the ability to engage customers at specific points on their journey, associates can generate more sales, and customers feel that their experience is both personal and valuable.

As shown in the infographic above, 91% of retail revenue is still transacted in the store. With knowledgeable customers coming to the store expecting expertise and cross-department solutions, brick-and-mortar is still an important stop on the customer journey. Whether it’s coming in-store to try on a product or see what something looks like in real life, retail locations are a valuable addition to the customer journey and can influence purchases.

An employee with the right insights and tools sells 87% more on the floor1. That’s no small number. The trick for many retailers is discovering how to make those sales possible. Intel Sales Assist technology helps associates give personalized recommendations to customers, enabling optimal experiences. Linking up with online tools, associates can receive real-time information about customers, which they can then use to offer tips, advise, and other products relevant to customer interests and increase the likelihood of a sale.

With Intel technology, empowered associates understand and act on customer preferences. But there is a final piece to the puzzle: inventory management. Intel technology can help sales associates know what is in stock and on shelves. With endless aisles, customer fulfillment becomes possible through a number of different routes, enabling sales associates to surprise and delight customers. That's the power of Sales Assist and 360-degree views of inventory and supply.

Product and Performance Information

1Fiorletta, Alicia. "Knowledgeable, Empowered Associates Sell 87% More, Survey Confirms." Retail TouchPoints, 13 June 2014. Web.