Multifactor Authenticate Identity Protection

The latest generation of Intel® vPro™ processor-based computers with the Intel® Authenticate Solution provides hardware-based identity protection features for the modern workforce. Intel® Authenticate Solution is embedded in the silicon bringing multifactor identity protection features below the operating system for more security, all while delivering a simplified user experience. That means ...end-to-end hardening, server to client. As you will see in this demo, Intel® Authenticate Solution is an easy way to create, deploy, and manage. To enable Intel® Authenticate Solution, open the Policy editor and go to Actions. It's managed using existing off-the-shelf management tools. The Actions menu helps IT create policies for a variety of use cases such as OS Login, Walk Away Lock, and VPN Login. The combination of factors is what helps make this solution so powerful. This demo will also help of set up multifactor authentication for identity protection and workforce security for your pc fleet including facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, Bluetooth® phone proximity and randomized protected PIN on Intel® vPro™ platform.