Compute Lifecycle Assurance

Deliver and Enable Platform Integrity
throughout the Compute Lifecycle

From build to retire, Intel is providing a collection of governance, processes, tools, and technologies for our products as well as working with the ecosystem to extend trust throughout the product lifecycle. 

Compute Lifecycle Assurance spans:

  • End-to-end product assurance
  • Trusted supply chain and manufacturing
  • Assurance technologies optimized for customer adoption

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Compute Lifecycle Assurance Initiative

Today’s supply chains are increasingly complex, multi-layered, global, and optimized for speed and cost. Attempts to secure the supply chain have been fragmented and narrow. Moving forward, the industry must work together to advance transparency and integrity across the entire lifecycle of the compute platform.

Intel’s commitments include:

  1. Strategic investment in developing tools and solutions that improve the integrity of Intel® products across every lifecycle stage. 

  2. Contributing best practices and standards in the collection, measurement, stewardship, and reporting of platform data to meet our customers' evolving needs from our experience—starting with enabling original device manufacturers (ODMs) with tools that provide greater transparency in the manufacturing process.

  3. Collaborating with the ecosystem in the development of innovative ways to manage the confidentiality, integrity, and access to platform data. This disparate data offers assurance on sourcing, manufacturing, and transportation but can also inform management of provisioning, attestation, and updates. 


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Intel’s Supply Journey

Intel has taken several important steps toward supply chain transparency with best practices such as Conflict-Free Minerals and the Security First Pledge.  The Compute Lifecycle Assurance extends our commitment to security with an end-to-end framework that seeks to improve integrity, resilience and security during the entire platform lifecycle.

Intel® Transparent Supply Chain Tools

A transparent supply chain is a more secure supply chain.

As part of the Compute Lifecyle Assurance, Intel has introduced Intel® Transparent Supply Chain tools that provide visibility from manufacturer to deployment. Essentially, measurements taken at the factory of origin give IT a simple way to check and validate integrity.


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