Digital Transformation for CSPs with Intel

Learn more about how cloud service providers are accelerating digital transformation using the flexibility and scalability of the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor.

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Krista Vasquez, Strategic Communications Specialist, Intel: “As more industries embrace digital transformation, the demand for Cloud services and technologies continues to rapidly grow. I sat down with ...Intel’s Raejeanne Skillern to get her perspective on cloud industry dynamics, as well as the challenges and opportunities that Cloud Service Providers face.”

Raejeanne Skillern
VP & GM, Data Center Group & Cloud Service Provider Group Intel: "There’s so much impact that the cloud is bringing to the world. There's the economics of the cloud that are making it easier and more cost effective to do things, as well as the agility and speed that it can bring, and when you combine that in with digital transformation, it's allowing businesses to accelerate their pace of innovation."

"We had a very unique opportunity with the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor. We worked very closely with both Amazon and Google to accelerate their ability to put this new technology in the market. And Google has already launched public services based on this next generation Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family."

Bart Sano, Google: "Since we were first to launch Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor in our Google compute platform, the customers have been able to run millions of hours of computing workloads on the Xeon vms. They’re seeing increased performance for a variety of applications such as scientific modeling, genomic research, 3D rendering, data analytics, and even engineering simulations. And our customers have reported up to over 40% improvement in many cases versus previous platforms and in some cases where the customers tuned for the AVX-512 they saw more than 100% improvement."

Raejeanne Skillern: "It's all about new growth and data insights…

New services, new markets, reaching new customers is really growing the pie so that many players have a chance to compete and win, not just the big cloud service providers but the many cloud service providers around the world that are also building out their services to reach these new markets and specialize.

Whether you're building a cloud that's workload optimized or personally tailored for a geographic region and the security and compliance requirements of that region, or you're looking at a cloud that's highly verticalized to satisfy healthcare or manufacturing or retail, there's endless opportunities for providers and users to come in and access and use this capability in the cloud.

One of the areas we're seeing the cloud impact verticalized markets is in healthcare. There's been work done with the Broad Institute on cancer research and cancer treatment."

Stacey Gabriel, The Broad Institute: "The mission of The Broad Institute is to propel the understanding and treatment of human disease."