Enable Developers to Innovate on New Hardware

Discover how packet is using Intel® technology to give developers a platform to innovate on the hardware layer, and explore the capabilities of developments like 5G and the Internet of Things. These innovations improve the speed and performance of applications and enable highly optimized software.

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At Packet, we believe that hardware is truly a layer of innovation. The magical experience of the world happens when amazing software is paired with incredible hardware.

My name's Zachary Smith, I'm the co-founder and CEO of a company called Packet. We automate fundamental infrastructure for developers and we do so based out of our home base here in New York City. There was an opportunity to create a platform that enabled developers to access any hardware they want with the consistency and automation that they had grown comfortable with, but inject their own opinion throughout the entire stack.

We have 15 million people in the world who consider themselves developers, and the vast majority of them do not own a cloud computing company. So how could we give them that capability so that they can do things 1,000 or 10,000 more efficiently than they do on the generic thing, right? We've grown to have around 15,000 developers on our platform and we automate hundreds of thousands of machines throughout our network, thousands of times a day, in a fully automatic fashion.

At this point, we have proven that there are a lot of people in the world who care about innovating on hardware and software. We deal so much with the pace of software innovation that changes rapidly and our ability to get Intel® hardware, whether that's processors, network cards, NAND, etcetera, into the market in a reliable and consistent way for those software ecosystems to develop on top of it has just increased the demand we feel for Intel® technologies.

Our customers come to us looking for specific parts of the Intel SKU set. Intel® technologies are something that people specifically look for when they're trying to innovate on the hardware layer. A trend we've seen at packet over the past few years is an incredible amount of investment and innovation in disaggregating the network, what we've seen is Intel's commitment to open source along with its consistently innovative hardware roadmap has really enabled customers like telecoms doing 5G applications to take advantage of that innovation with highly optimized software.

We have a really deep support network with Intel, not only we have local field reps who support us both on a sales and a technical level, we're engaged throughout all of the product teams at Intel. So we cooked up a really interesting programme with Intel called 'Accelerate with Optane' and we launched that to a community of developers saying "We will give you access to Optane powered systems if only you could innovate fast enough on it." We saw people quickly change things like Memcache, which was a, you know, kind of core open source project that utilises and stores objects in memory.