Understand Your Future Customer

Understanding your future customer is critical to planning your cloud service offerings and growing your business. 451 Research analyst Csilla Zsigri reports on what your future customer will need from their cloud service provider.

I'm Csilla Zsigri, I'm an analyst at 451 Research.

The main reasons the cloud market is growing because organizations are going through major business... and digital transformation and cloud is underpinning that.

In fact over half of the organizations we spoke with said that they are planning to spend more money with their primary hosting and cloud service provider over the next two years.

Overall we see spending shifting from core cloud infrastructure services to move value added services, for example mature SAS resident applications such as email or customer relationship management. New spending will be toward enhancing existing deployments rather than new ones.

Think of it as a step up in customer maturity where, you know, cloud service providers have the opportunity to cultivate and grow existing customer relationships.

The biggest priorities for the future customer would be to be able to respond faster to business needs, to be more agile, and achieve all that in a cost effective and secure manner.

Organizations are and will be investing more and more on digital technologies such as mobile platforms and applications, agile software development and artificial intelligence, just to name a few, to increase revenue, to lower costs and risk, to improve the quality of products and services and to accelerate time to market.

Today when selecting a cloud service provider, service reliability, meaning uptime and performance and value for money are those qualities that organizations are looking for.

However these are commodity metrics and in the long term we believe that qualities such as ability to partner, understanding the customer's business and the ability to support multi cloud environments and hybrid cloud deployments will become more likely the battleground for cloud service providers.

Cloud service providers should try to focus on solving business problems, not just offer services à la carte but manage dependencies and challenges across services. Basically be a technology generalist and a specialist in the markets they serve.

As organizations are going through major business and technology changes, they are looking for partners that can help them through this complex journey.

A cloud service provider should be able to accompany their customers throughout the whole journey to build, implement, migrate, integrate, manage, and support.

Key recommendations for cloud service providers would be deliver outcomes, be a technology generalist and a specialist in the markets you serve. Find the right partner, the one that would be engaged and would make the effort to understand your business, and become your customer's adviser.

Meet Your Future Customer

What will your cloud services customers be demanding in two years’ time?