Intel® 14 nm Technology

Intel® 14 nm Technology

  • Used to manufacture high-performance to low-power products

  • Qualified process used in volume manufacturing



Ultra-Fast, Energy-Sipping Devices Powered by Intel

Supporting a wide range of products from mobile devices to servers, 14 nm transistors improve performance and reduce leakage power. Intel® 14 nm technology is used to manufacture a wide range of high-performance to low-power products including servers, personal computing devices, and products for the Internet of Things.

Watch Intel Fellow Mark Bohr discuss the new 14 nm transistor process and describe how the tri-gate fins are now taller, thinner, and closer together, enabling amazing performance, less active power, and long battery life for greater computing experiences.

Intel® 14 nm technology provides good dimensional scaling from 22 nm. The transistor fins are taller, thinner, and more closely spaced for improved density and lower capacitance. Improved transistors require fewer fins, further improving density, and the SRAM cell size is almost half the area of that in 22 nm.

Intel’s 14 nm process and lead system-on-a-chip (SoC) product are now qualified and in volume production, with fabs in Oregon (2014), Arizona (2014), and Ireland (2015).