Welcome to the Future of the Olympic Games

Intel is partnering with the International Olympic Committee over the next 8 years to transform the way athletes and fans experience the Olympic Games.

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See Every Play, Every Angle

Intel® 360 Replay technology brings you into the action in amazing new ways. Multiple high-resolution cameras capture and render key moments of the game to create thrilling, slow-motion replays and highlight reels. You can see the biggest plays and most impressive performances from all angles.

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Get Up Close and Personal

Get courtside access to your favorite team or go behind the scenes at live events with Intel® True VR. Select your own personal vantage point on any number of devices as you experience the biggest plays of the season in VR.

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SwingIQ. Know More. Train Better

Intel and Majestic* give baseball players knowledge on how to improve hitting and elevate their game through the Majestic SwingIQ, powered by Intel® technology. This revolutionary smart apparel and app allows players to know and optimize their swing mechanics to unlock a new world of training.

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Inside Intel's Drone-Powered Dunk

Intel's NBA All-Star 2016 partnership is the latest in the company's drive to bring innovative technology and amazing experiences to the world of sports. See how a drone powered by Intel helped Aaron Gordon take his dunk to the next level at the 2016 Verizon Slam Dunk Contest.

The New Era of Sport

Intel® technology is changing the game, and the way we experience it. Innovations in data and analytic tools take sports performance to new heights, while virtual reality and augmented experiences bring the action closer than it's ever been.

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