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Type and length of Intel Processor warranty

Refer to the Warranty Policy for Intel Boxed and Tray Processors.

No need to activate or register your processor

You are not required to register the Intel® Boxed Processor with Intel before processing a warranty request.

No warranty extension for Intel Boxed Processor

Warranty periods for Intel Boxed Processors aren't extended.

Check if you have a tray or boxed processor/Check Boxed Processor warranty period

You can use the online warranty information page to find out if you have a boxed or a tray processor.

  1. Get the batch number (FPO)
  2. Get the full or partial serial number (full or partial ATPO) from either the markings on the processor or from the shipping box.
  3. On the tool, in the Product Type dropdown, select Processor.
  4. Enter the batch number (FPO) and the partial serial number (ATPO) in the tool
  5. Click Check products.

Your processor will show as boxed or tray. At any time, if the result of the search is inconclusive, you may contact Intel Customer Support.

If you think that your Intel Boxed Processor is still under warranty, you may contact Intel Customer Support.

Limited warranty coverage Info

The limited warranty will cover a new processor replacement and the package thermal solution if your processor came with it.

Boxed processor

No warranty for refurbished, used, or engineering sample processors

Intel does not sell or honor warranty requests for used, refurbished, or engineering sample processors. Information for the engineering sample can be found in the information about engineering sample processors.

Contact Intel® Partner Alliance first for replacement if you work with a Partner

Intel recommends working with your Intel® Partner Alliance technology provider in the event that the warranty is required. They're partnered with Intel to help consumers shorten the transaction time of exchange. If this isn't possible, or if you have built your system yourself and don't have an Intel® Partner Alliance technology provider, or if they refer you to Intel, you may contact Intel Customer Support.

Information needed before a warranty replacement

For a boxed processor warranty replacement, you'll need

  • the name of the processor,
  • the serial number (ATPO), and
  • the batch number (FPO).

Processor number, serial number, and batch number

Additional information that might be needed includes the date of purchase, proof of purchase (by providing Intel proof of purchase, you agree that Intel may contact the issuer for validation), contact information, description of the issue you're experiencing, motherboard model and BIOS information, memory type, operating systems, or other information.

Note No need to return the fan heatsink when doing a warranty replacement.
Steps to prevent physical damage when shipping the processor

Properly package the processor when you ship it back to Intel. If damage occurs during the shipping process, Intel reserves the right to reject the warranty claim.

The best way to ship the processor is to use the processor clamshell that ships in the box. If you don't have the clamshell, carefully wrap the processor in a protective material like bubble wrap. Protective material ensures protection from damage. Your warranty claim may be affected if the processor sustains physical damage during shipment.

Warranty claim for the fan heatsink

The warranty of the fan heatsink (thermal solution) that shipped with the processor can be requested separately without the need to request a warranty for the processor.

The information required is listed below, for more information on how to identify the required numbers, refer to Identify fan numbers for Intel® Boxed Processors:

  • The fan part number
  • The manufacturer part name
Usage of overclocking and Intel® XMP and warranty Info

Altering clock frequency or voltage may void any product warranties and reduce stability, security, performance, and life of the processor and other components. Check with system and component manufacturers for details.

Warranty support in China for a universal boxed processor

In China, only a China boxed processor is eligible for a warranty. A universal boxed processor is not eligible for warranty unless you provide proof of purchase and proof of customs clearance (by providing Intel proof of purchase, you agree that Intel may contact the issuer for validation).


Note Intel does not honor warranty requests for used, gray-market, second-hand, gifted, or products purchased from other than our authorized distributors or resellers. Intel does not honor warranty requests for products identified as counterfeit or remarked.  If the identification occurs after the product is returned to Intel, the product will not be returned to the requester to protect the marketplace from possible re-introduction, the request will be denied and the case will be closed.



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