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To find warranty information for Intel® NUC products, see the Intel® NUC Warranty Information page.

Limited warranties

Intel offers three-year limited warranties on Intel® Desktop Boards (BOX and BLK SKUs) purchased from Intel® Authorized Distributors with the following exceptions:

  • Two years: Intel® Desktop Board DG41BI.
  • One year: Light-augmentation Intel® Desktop Boards (LA SKUs) include a one-year limited warranty.
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Date: January 2015
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Date: January 2015
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Date: January 2015
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Date: January 2015
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Date: January 2015
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Date: January 2015
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The International warranties are translated in: English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish.

Before you return defective products

Remove and keep any user-installed components before returning an Intel Desktop Board product to customer support.

Warning We aren't able to track or return user-installed components or items that are sent to our warranty center.

Standard Warranty Replacement (SWR) program

Requested replacement for the following desktop boards is processed through the Intel Standard Warranty Replacement (SWR) program. Products returned with physical damage (damage to the product due to external causes) are returned as received. The Intel Advanced Warranty Replacement (AWR) program isn't offered for these boards.

  • Intel® Desktop Board DN2800MT
  • Intel® Desktop Board D2700MUD
  • Intel® Desktop Board D2700DC
  • Intel® Desktop Board D2550MUD2
  • Intel® Desktop Board D2550DC2
  • Intel® Desktop Board D2500HN
  • Intel® Desktop Board D2500CC
  • Intel® Desktop Board D525MW
  • Intel® Desktop Board D425KT
  • Intel® Desktop Board DG41BI
  • Intel® Desktop Board D510MO
  • Intel® Desktop Board D410PT
  • Intel® Desktop Board D945GSEJT
  • Intel® Desktop Board D945GCLF2
  • Intel® Desktop Board D945GCLF
  • Intel® Desktop Board D201GLY2
  • Intel® Desktop Board D201GLY

See specific warranty information on the Intel® Express Installer CD that shipped with your board to verify the warranty length and conditions.

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