Create a Spare Part Fulfillment Warranty Return Request


Warranty & RMA



These steps show Intel® Technology Provider Program members how to create a spare part fulfillment warranty returns request.

For all warranty part replacements, you need to create a returns request. The two types of warranty returns are:

  • Processor returns
  • Board and other returns
  • Before creating a returns request, ensure you have the available entitlements.
  • Customer Induced Damages (CID) aren't covered under Intel's warranty policy. For more information, visit the Intel Customer Support Warranty Center.
  • A returns request may contain multiple products.

Create a Return request

  1. From the Product Support section under the Create heading, select Returns.

    warranty return image 1

  2. For Request Type, select Fulfillment. In the Shipping Address section, confirm the shipping address.
    Note If you want to ship the product to a different address, select Alternate Shipping Address and enter the address. If you use an alternate shipping address, the country must match the country on file.

    warranty return image 2

  3. For Product Type, select Processor or Motherboard & Others.
    Motherboard and Others
  4. Enter the part number and click Search.
    Click the More Info link for information to identify a motherboard, or locate a Processor FPO.

    click more info

  5. The part number entered is validated.
    1. If the part number entered is valid, a list of products appears. Select the product by clicking the product link under the Product Name heading.

      click a product for your return request

    2. If the part number entered is not valid, you receive a message. You must select the Cancel button to return to the previous screen and continue the process.

      No records found

  6. Product Selection—Select Add to Order to add this item to the product list to your return. Add each item (product) using the Add button before you submit the return.

    add to order

    Note Before submitting the return, you can edit the details by clicking the Edit icon. Then select Update Order before submitting.
  7. After adding all items (for multiple returns), select Submit.
    • The Return Order Confirmation screen appears with the order number and summary information.
    • You receive an email notification.
    • Note your order number for future reference.
    warranty return image 7