Intel® Client Backup and Recovery License Re-activation for Hardware Changes


Install & Setup



What am I seeing?
The Intel® Client Backup and Recovery Application license activation is tied to your computer's hardware. If you have activated a particular license and your computer's hardware changes due to repair, an error message appears.

How to fix it
You must reactivate your license by exporting your current license data on the new system hardware (Action–>License–>Offline Activation–>Export License Data) and email the license file to, indicating hardware change in the subject line.

The hardware change string is case insensitive and location in the subject line does not matter. Supersets of the string like Please reactivate my license because of hardware changes work. The email message subject line needs to contain the base string.

When you receive an email response, save the returned license file to a folder on the system running the Intel® Client Backup and Recovery Application. From the Intel® Client Backup and Recovery Application Action menu, click License–>Offline Activation. Click Import Activation Code. On the Open dialog box, browse to the location where the returned license file exists and double-click it. On the confirmation message, click OK. The license is now activated on the new hardware, and you can continue to back up and recover your disks.