Intel® RAID Controller Firmware v5.x or Less to v6.x Update Instructions for Intel® Server RAID Controller SRCU31L


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Intel® RAID Controllers contain a flash part that stores the firmware portion of code required for the operation of the controller. You may update the firmware to correct an erratum or to add features to the operation of the product. In addition to normal flash recovery, this procedure directly addresses updating Intel® RAID Controllers from firmware versions 5.x or less to version 6.x or higher.

The flash procedure requires moving a jumper on the Intel® RAID Controller to the flash update/recovery position. The update does not proceed if this jumper is not moved to the flash update/recovery position prior to performing the update. Following the update, you should move the jumper back to its original normal position.

Read the instructions completely before updating the firmware to v5.x or less to v6.x.

Flash Update/Recovery (PDF) PDF
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Date: January 2002

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