Statistics Don't Display on 32GB Module for Intel® Optane™ Memory





Note Statistics aren't supported on 16GB capacity modules.

What are you seeing?

In the Intel® Optane™ Memory (Statistics tab) and Intel® Optane™ Memory and Storage Management (bottom of the Intel® Optane® Memory tab) applications, a message similar to the one below appears. This appears even though the module in use is 32GB or greater.

No statistics available

Why are you seeing it?

Intel® Optane™ Memory - Volume Optimization task hasn't run yet. It's scheduled to run at 12:00 AM everyday for storage optimization by default.

How to fix it

  • Wait for the Intel® Optane™ Memory task to run as scheduled at 12:00AM for a statistics update.
  • Or, access the Windows task scheduler and run the Intel(R) Optane(TM) Memory - Volume Optimization task manually.

Task scheduler