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No Display on HDMI/Display Port on Intel® NUC


How to fix no display issues when using an HDMI/Display Port connection to the display or television.


No signal when connecting the Intel® NUC to a display using the HDMI port or the Display Port.


This issue can be caused by a number of factors and components of your system. Try the following troubleshooting operations to help determine the solution to the issue:

  1. Connection order:
    • Unplug HDMI/Display port cable from the NUC.
    • Turn off NUC.
    • Plug HDMI/Display port cable back in without using any dongles or adapters.
    • Turn the NUC back on.
  2. Test a different video cable. We recommend testing the video cable from the other working system, which doesn't have this issue.
  3. Test different video port on your NUC (Display Port (DP), Thunderbolt, another HDMI port).
  4. Test the monitor. To identify if there is a compatibility issue with your display, try connecting the Intel NUC to a different monitor or television, which was working before.
    • If you still cannot get a picture after trying another port, contact Customer Support.
  5. Update the driver. Install the latest graphics driver for your Intel® NUC, available on the Download Center. you can also check the update via the Intel Driver Support Assistant.
  6. Update your BIOS. Update BIOS to the latest version available.
  7. Update your Operating System. Try Updating Windows* to the latest version.
  8. If you've tried all the steps listed above and you still don't get a display on the HDMI port, Intel Customer Support can help. Click Contact Support in the banner below to find the support options for your region. Be ready to explain the steps you tried.

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