Tool to Locate Serial and Batch Numbers for Desktop or Server Intel® Processors


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Overview of Intel® Boxed Processor Numbers: Batch (FPO) and Serial(ATPO)

Batch number (known as FPO - Finished Process Order) and serial number (known as ATPO - Assembly Test Process Order) determine if your processor is eligible for a warranty exchange or return.

Both batch number and serial number (as well as partial serial number) can be used in the warranty center to check the status of the processor's warranty coverage and obtain processor warranty expiration dates. All Intel® Boxed Processors have these numbers listed on the processor package label.

Batch number (FPO) Located on the top of the processor
Human readable partial serial number (partial ATPO)- Last three to five digits from serial number (ATPO)  Located on the outside edge of the processors
2D matrix contains the serial number for the processor that can be read by a third-party tool and some smart phone cameras. Located on the outside edge of the processor

Find the locations of the batch number (FPO), serial number (ATPO) , and socket for desktop or server processors

Use the tool below to enter the processor number to see the locations of the markings as well as the socket supported you need:
As you enter your processor number, the socket associated with the processor appears in a drop-down list. Beneath each socket type is a list of processors. Select your processor, and a sample image appears to show you the location of your batch number (FPO) and the serial number (ATPO).

Enter processor number:



Processor markings:

Sample info

Sample processor image:

 Sample image