Known Issues with Intel® Graphics Command Center (Intel® GCC)


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Latest build available in Microsoft* Store: 1.100.3325.0

Known Issues:


  • Capture function does not start recording          


  • Warframe*  does not launch and error occurs when attempting to launch the game via Intel® GCC
  • Certain games are rendering on discrete graphics card instead of integrated graphics
  • Launch button disabled for systems with 11th generation Intel® Core processors and Intel Iris® Xe MAX Graphics 
  • Intel optimized profiles do not immediately switch on/off 
  • On certain built in displays, the profile scoller rapidly vibrates after creating the maximum number of profiles 
  • Using auto detect fails to find any games while offline
  • When changing active game profiles, the Active icon is shown on two profiles concurrently
  • "Game must be played first" error keeps showing when applying Intel optimized profile
  • Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (LACE) is disabled upon restart


  • Custom profile cannot be duplicated


  • Resolution degrades when setting the display mode to Collage/Combined Dekstop mode
  • External monitors display Portrait mode when changing from extended display to duplicate display
  • OS Settings option and Intel® Graphics Command Center refresh rate are not in synch when using MST DisplayPort Hub
  • Screen appears black after cursor is moved between Intel® GCC and Swatch by mouse in taskbar when clicking “Swatch”
  • Monitor connected via VGA after booting Windows is not detected 
  • Green color corruption observed on 8K content when in full screen using an 8K display
  • Display number for MIPI displays are different in Intel GCC and OS display settings
  • External display will stutter when setting the resolution to 800x600
  • Intel® GCC fails to detect Miracast Display with USB dock connected
  • Scaling issues may occur when system/monitor returns from sleep mode or hotplug event
  • When changing the resolution, the external monitor display Scale option may automatically become Maintain Aspect Ratio although it reads Maintain Display Scaling
  • Scale changes after declining the change
  • Restoring to original colors does not work
  • The Intel® logo and the 3-dot menu image on display tiles may get cut off before they are hidden when the Intel® GCC window is made smaller
  • Extending from Clone mode can cause display to stack in top left corner
  • Corruption seen on Display page in Display area


  • Hotkeys tab "Learn more" has a truncation issue for French
  • When the Intel® Iris Xe MAX driver is up to date, Intel® GCC shows that the integrated graphics driver is out of date


  • Some bugs identified with the Country option when a bug report is submitted
  • Diagnostic report is not included in Support case when a bug report is submitted
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