Regulatory Documentation for Intel® NUC Compute Element CM8V[X]CB, CM8i[X]CB, CM8CCB AND CM8PCB


Product Information & Documentation




The certificates and declarations below describe regulatory markings and safety information for Intel® NUC Element products:

  • Intel® NUC 8 Essential Compute Element (Regulatory Model: CM8CB)
    • Intel® NUC 8 Essential Compute Element CM8CCB
    • Intel® NUC 8 Essential Compute Element CM8PCB
  • Intel® NUC 8 Pro Compute Element (Regulatory Model: CM8CB)
    • Intel® NUC 8 Pro Compute Element CM8I7CB
    • Intel® NUC 8 Pro Compute Element CM8I5CB
    • Intel® NUC 8 Pro Compute Element CM8I3CB
    • Intel® NUC 8 Pro Compute Element CM8V7CB
    • Intel® NUC 8 Pro Compute Element CM8V5CB



Intel® NUC Elements have been certified for use as a component in Information Technology Equipment in certain countries. The system integrator is responsible for testing and acquiring any additional country-specific regulatory approvals, including all system-wide certifications. See Regulatory Information for Intel NUC for information on test houses. For Elements containing wireless, see the regulatory guide shipped with the product for additional information on integration and testing.

Certain countries may require extra certifications not listed here; for example, some certifications are required to be completed by the supplier responsible for placing product on the local market.


Region Regulatory Document
All Regions Intel Declaration of Conformity (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 102 KB; Date: February 2021
Australia/New Zealand CISPR 32 Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 90 KB; Date: September 2019
European Union

ETSI EN 300 328 Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 85 KB; Date: September 2019

ETSI EN 301 893 Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size:  85 KB; Date: September 2019

ETSI EN 300 440 Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size:  83 KB; Date: September 2019

EN 62311 EN 62479 Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size:  86 KB; Date: September 2019

AS NZS 4268 Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size:  88 KB; Date: September 2019

EMF Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size:  85 KB; Date: September 2019

EU CB Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size:  206 KB; Date: October 2019

Japan VCCI EMC Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size:  93 KB; Date: September 2019
South Korea KC EMC Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size:  711 KB; Date: October 2019
USA/Canada FCC ISED Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size:  37 KB; Date: August 2019
Taiwan BSMI RoHS Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 132 KB; Date: December 2019

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