Regulatory Documentation for Intel® NUC Chassis Element CMCM2FB


Product Information & Documentation



The certificates and declarations below describe regulatory markings and safety information for Intel® NUC Element products:

  • Intel® NUC Pro Chassis Element (Regulatory Model: CMCM2FB)
    • Intel® NUC Pro Chassis Element CMCM2FB
    • Intel® NUC Pro Chassis Element CMCM2FBAV
Region Regulatory Document

CB IEC60950 Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 123 KB; Date: July 2020 

CB IEC62368 Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 225 KB; Date: July 2020 

Intel Declaration of Conformity (PDF)PDF icon 
Size: 49 KB; Date: August 2020

UL Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 358 KB; Date: July 2020 

Custom Union EAC Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 1.6 MB; Date: October 2020 
Australia and New Zealand CISPR 32 Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 135 KB; Date: May 2020

Safety Compliance Part 1(PDF)PDF icon
Size: 442 KB; Date:  October 2020

Safety Compliance Part 2(PDF)PDF icon
Size: 426 KB; Date:  October 2020

Japan VCCI EMC Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 137 KB; Date: May 2020
Mexico NOM Safety Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 123 KB; Date: August 2020
South Korea KCC MSIP EMC Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 732 KB; Date: June 2020

RoHS Declaration (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 136 KB; Date: August 2020

BSMI Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 113 KB; Date: August 2020

USA and Canada FCC ISED Certificate (PDF)PDF icon
Size: 101 KB; Date: May 2020
Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader*.