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How do I use the Configuration via Protocol (CvP) Update with Revision Flow in a source controlled environment?



To use the CvP Update with Revision Flow in a source controlled environment with multiple team members:

1) Create an archive (QAR) of the base revision which includes the persona/<base revision>.* files.

2) Add this archive to the version control database.

3) Multiple team members can then check out this base revision archive Quartus® II Revisions tab to create new CvP Update Revisions.

4) When checked out, do not recompile the Base Revision. For example, do not click Compile All.  Only click Compile Design of the CvP Update Revision.

Note that the persona file from the base revision (root_partition.persona) is essential to produce additional core revisions that are compatible with the same periphery image. The .persona files aren't version-compatible across Quartus®  II versions. Customers should store .personax file.

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