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Downloading and Installing Intel® FPGA Software

You download software from the Download Center. You have several options for downloading software, software updates, and additional device support. The method you choose depends on your download speed, design requirements, and installation method.

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If you want the complete Intel FPGA software package and device support for all supported families, you should use the .tar or .iso formats. If you want to download select elements of the software, additional software, or additional device support, you should use the individual executable files.

Note: If you use a 64-bit Linux* operating system, you must install certain 32-bit libraries to run the ModelSim-Intel FPGA Edition software. Refer to the software prerequisites for complete details.

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Setting Environment Variables

The software installation process initializes environment variables. You can modify these variables using the Windows Control panel or by editing your Linux shell environment settings to optimize your system performance. Learn about:


For detailed help with licensing Intel FPGA software, refer to: