IP Evaluation and Purchase

Intel delivers intellectual property (IP) as part of the IP catalog, which is built into the Intel® Quartus® Prime and Quartus® II software. The portfolio includes IP for protocol and memory interfaces, digital signal processing (DSP), embedded processors, and related peripherals. All the IP cores have been thoroughly tested and verified on hardware to provide you the assurance that they will work well together in your system.


Intel® FPGA IP Evaluation Mode feature allows you to perform the following actions with all licensed Intel FPGA IP cores and many partner IP cores:

  • Simulate the core performance and functionality within your system.
  • Verify the IP independently or within an entire design to quickly evaluate resource utilization and timing closure.
  • Generate time-limited device programming files for designs that incorporate Intel FPGA IP functions or partner IP.
  • Program a device and verify the design in hardware.

See Application Note 320: Intel FPGA IP Evaluation Mode for a complete description and guide to using the Intel FPGA IP Evaluation Mode feature.

Purchasing and Licensing

No license keys are required for Intel FPGA IP Evaluation Mode. Third-party IP cores are delivered by the partner for evaluation with the appropriate license key.

Intel licenses the FPGA IP functions on a per-seat, perpetual basis. The license fee includes first-year maintenance and support. You must renew the maintenance contract to receive updates, bug fixes, and technical support beyond the first year.

You must obtain a full license for the Intel FPGA IP to generate programming files that you may use for an unlimited time. To obtain a license file, visit the Self-Service Licensing Center or contact your local Intel FPGA representative.

Download Notes

  • Support
  • Help with Intel FPGA IP products is available in the IP Support section.
  • Legal Notice—Intel's FPGA IP License Agreement governs the installation and use of all Intel FPGA IP. The Software Subscription License Agreement governs the installation and use of the Quartus II design software and the rest of the Intel FPGA IP catalog, including Platform Designer components.