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Cool Things to Do With Your Laptop

By: Lisa Brand 

Sure, your laptop is great for schoolwork, or for accessing your email from your local coffee shop's WiFi but there are so many other cool things you can do with a laptop that you might not be taking full advantage of.

Portability- Take Whatever You're Doing on the Go

The portability of your laptop is likely one reason you purchased it in the first place. You can take your work, schoolwork, or hobbies with you wherever you go.


Not only is gaming on a laptop now possible but in many cases, it's even better than on a desktop. You can take your laptop with you and game with friends or you can access your favorite game from anywhere. You don't have to miss out while on vacation and it makes a great boredom buster.

Watch a Movie

When it comes to cool things to do with your computer, watching a movie tops the list. You can use your laptop to play DVDs, watch streaming videos online, or to access Netflix* or Hulu* accounts for movies and your favorite shows.

Chat with Friends and Family

Laptops make it easier than ever before to stay in contact with friends and family. Most laptops today also come with built-in webcams that allow you to video chat as well.

Social Networking

Laptops are also a great way to keep up with social networking. Log into Facebook*, Myspace*, Twitter*, or your favorite social site from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. You can post updates, upload photos or check the status of your friends. You can also play social networking games but remember they can be addicting.

Watch TV

Another lesser-known cool thing to do with a laptop is to turn it into a TV. You can watch TV using Hulu* or Fancast* websites from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. You can also watch many TV programs directly from the source, such as the network's website. Joost* is a program that legally streams media from different sources, allowing you to watch on your laptop.

Organize, Share and Display Photos

Another very cool thing to do with a laptop is to organize, share and display your photos. There are many software programs available to make this easier to do and it's a matter of preference which you choose. Most laptops also come with some type of media reader on them already so you can take photos with your webcam, upload and download photos and use your laptop to share them with friends. You can also use your laptop to create slideshows of your favorite photos.

Make Your Laptop a Desktop

With the many accessories available for a laptop today, the things you can do on it are limitless. With the right accessories, you can even turn your laptop into a desktop. You just need to connect the laptop to a keyboard, mouse and monitor, as well as speakers if you want. Your laptop will act as a processor for the setup. Be sure to get a cooling pad or fan for the laptop too since it will be powering more accessories and can overheat.

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