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Revolutionizing the Corporate Employee Transportation Experience



A report by Statista points out that the public transport user penetration in tier 1 cities has risen to 58.2% and will hit 68.4% by 2026.1 India, therefore, is a workforce on the move, and employee transportation services are growing in popularity.

However, commuting in busy tier-1 cities can be a very taxing experience. Jammed roads, road infrastructure challenges and an increasing number of private vehicles lead to significant delays. Add to that, the rising cases of transport unavailability, assaults, rude driver behavior, and high charges imposed by ride-hailing and ride-sharing vehicles.

To combat these challenges, there has been a gradual growth of employee transportation solutions. Not only are they more cost-effective and safer, but also less polluting as they facilitate the transportation of a large number of passengers. And most companies in tier-1 cities of India are realizing that employee productivity is directly related to their well-being, sense of security and happiness, and a hassle-free, secured travel experience is a large factor in achieving that.2

The Need of the Hour–A More Efficient and Secure Employee Transport Experience

Corporate staff transportation is complex in terms of operation and requirements. For example, a mid-size company will typically have a staff of a few thousand employees residing across the city and its outskirts. The process of delegating and managing routes, schedules, and costs, among others, can be challenging if not done right. For an optimal travel experience, it needs to be ensured that employee pick-up and drop are done with minimum travel time, and all logistic and legal related issues are supervised, addressed, and monitored efficiently.

Organizations today need to optimally align vehicles as per the shift, keep a tab on the number of vehicles deployed, bring down the number of routes by aligning with the existing routes, ensure employee security, lower traveling time, monitor the efficiency of the fleet operators and cut down on costs.

An intelligent fleet management system can enable all these and more, helping fleet operators and companies looking to enhance their employee fleet transportation operations. In India, 410K vehicles (cars and buses) by private operators are dedicated for only employee transportation.3 Intel® Onboard Fleet Services, an AI-powered, comprehensive fleet solution, can provide these operators with world-class and time-tested technology specifically built for Indian conditions. It includes features such as Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS), Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), fleet telematics, fleet health, and fuel efficiency. The Solution is powered by a spectrum of in-cabin devices as well as a cutting-edge cloud platform that provides fleet managers with actionable data, analytics, and reports, and a best-in-class advanced driving assistance system (ADAS).

Intel® Onboard Fleet Services (“Solution”) can enhance overall efficiency, enable preventive maintenance, and save operating expenses. Intel's Solution also includes advanced telematics, vehicle health and fuel analytics, and a one-of-a-kind driver scoring and rating module. Smarter AI-driven fleet telematics can help enable complete visualization across locations, allowing managers to set up deployments across fleet operations. It allows monitoring the status of each worksite, track wear and tear of fleet, improve driver performance, reduce collisions and reduce downtime.

The Solution has already been deployed by many customers in sectors such as HAZMAT, Cold Chain, Third-Party Logistics (3PL), and Employee Transport. This Solution can help in reducing the probability of accidents by 40-60% and estimates that overall efficiency losses can be reduced by up to 50%.4

Given the issues and limitations existing in the public transportation infrastructure domain, it can be safely said that the corporate transportation industry is all set to grow further, given its inherent advantages and promise. And, Intel® Onboard Fleet Services, with its world-class fleet safety and efficiency technology, can help you maximize the wave of opportunities employee transportation brings.