Intel 5G and Cloudification: Laying the Foundation for Innovation

Intel 5G solutions are bringing the massive performance of the data center to transform the network and distribute intelligence from the cloud to the edge.


Cloudification is enabling network operators to innovate new and enhanced services and respond to market demands with the scalability and flexibility of a cloud computing company. In essence, network cloudification is the process of extending cloud platforms, technologies, and virtualization capabilities throughout a communications network to make it more agile, flexible, and scalable. Using our heritage and expertise in cloud computing, Intel has been leading the charge to help operators modernize their networks and prepare for 5G.


In order to facilitate network traffic from billions of connected nodes and the coming wave of new compute-intensive 5G applications, networks must transform to be able to deliver faster speeds, lower latency, and more capacity. Cloudification prepares for 5G’s 10X less latency, 100X faster speed, and 1000X more capacity, laying the foundation for revolutionary customer experiences, business efficiencies, and products and services.

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The Benefits of 5G and Cloudification

5G and Cloudification: Key Technologies

Architecting the 5G Future with Cloudified Networks

Enabling a fully connected and intelligent society requires network transformation. Learn why operators are investing in cloudification and how the process lays the foundation for distributed computing that unlocks powerful business use cases.

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Watch this panel discussion for a deep dive into cloudification. Leaders from Intel, Rakuten, and Affirmed Networks discuss enabling the world’s first end-to-end cloud-native network, from its advantages to its intricacies to its evolution and potential.

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Intel is partnering with telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) and communications service providers (CoSPs) to power the cloud-ready network—and facilitate the fast deployment of 5G solutions and services. Learn how.

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